What is Embodiment?


Because personal growth and spiritual development is nothing without embodiment- we cannot sustain it, we can not fully embrace it into our being without integrating it physically and asking our body to come along... Embodiment is...

Being still. Taking a moment upon waking. Being alert in the in between moments of life.

Listening. Staying curious about what your body is doing. Appreciating its own unique language. Accepting its messages and wisdom for you.

Showing up. Actively resisting the temptation to sleep walk through your day or to shut off your awareness of your self. Being present, and really radically present. Responding to your needs and feelings. Being the compassionate caregivers you need for yourself when and how you need it.

Sitting down. Resting when you're tired. Giving yourself the gift of time when life is really beautiful, or really ugly, or painful, or full of pleasure.

Standing strong. Finding your center. Identifying with your core truth while staying open to experience. Knowing what it feels like in your body when something is wrong for you, or when something is right, and then acting on it with grace and courage.

Feeling what you feel. Holding sacred space for your feelings to rise in your body. Cultivating awareness of stagnation. Knowing when it's time to move on or express it. Creating space for the pleasure of letting go.

Moving. Sweating it out. Getting our blood flowing. Appreciating your abilities. Finding the gratitude for the lessons in your limitations.

Knowing. Being the expert on your physical health. Touching in daily to what truth and honesty feels like for you. Trusting that your body has a wisdom that you can understand. Getting to know your body intimately. Becoming an ally to your physical self.

Breathing. Stopping to sink into really breathing. Knowing that your breath is the line to your life, that how you breathe is how you live. Moving your knowing, feeling, and being through your body with the power of your breath. Making your healing real... through your breath.

Dreaming. Making your desires a reality. Fully becoming what you want your life to look like. Embracing the moment of being in your body, with your mind and spirit and soul as whole.



What is embodiment to you? How does it feel to be fully embodied? I want to know! Leave your thoughts in the comments, and tag a post with #embodimentis. I'd love to hear from you.