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when your baby is born,
so are you.

the transition to motherhood is monumental. you deserve to be celebrated, too.

Want to create more meaning and connection
to what it means to become a mother?
Register for this free workshop to learn 3 profound rituals that will help you gracefully integrate into your new status after birth.


Birthing the Mother

3 Profound Practices for a Graceful Transition After Birth

sATURDAY, MAY 13TH, 2017
3pm pacific // 6pm eastern gmt

In this FREE live workshop, you'll learn:

  • what "maternal role adjustment" is and why it is so important for long-term health
  • what a rite of passage is and its significance in big life transitions
  • how life as you know it is over and how that's actually a GOOD thing
  • how to create ceremonies and rituals that have personal significance and meaning


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Who's hosting?

I'm Stephanie Lynn Tanner... birth doula + registered nurse with almost a decade's worth of wonderful experiences teaching women like you how take charge of their health.

I also happen to be a mother of three wild ones... and a survivor of postpartum depression. However, my last healing after birth (just 12 months ago!) was well-planned and actually BLISSFUL, and I'm committed to helping you plan for a postpartum recovery that nourishes YOU. Join me!